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14 December 2013

Patrick Kinmouth's critically acclaimed production of Don Giovanni at Theater Augsburg is being revived tonight evening. In celebration I have written another article detailing how exactly a production is revived and how we as singing actors approach it. It is entitled Breathing life into a revival.

Monday and Tuesday see me singing the tenor solos in Bach's Magnificat in D, one of my favourite oratorios and one which I have been looking forward to singing it for thirteen years. This will take place as parrt of the next Augsburger Philharmonie Symphony concert which includes Prokofiev's Symphony #1 and Advent motets sung by Augsburger Domsingknaben (Augsburg Cathedral Boys Choir).

17 October 2013

The first orchestral stage rehearsal for Rigoletto is tonight and the premiere will be next week! I am singing Borsa as well as understudying the Duke for Theater Augsburg.

I finally have a few video recordings up from my solo recital in Melbourne from September. You can find them on my recordings page. There are also several new photos from the concert as well as from the recent Royal Melbourne Philharmonic Aria final on the photos page.

30 September 2013

Rehearsals continue afresh for Rigoletto. However, in the meantime, I have written another article reflecting on my experiences in singing competitions. Click here to read it.

11 September 2013

Rehearsals for Theater Augsburg's 2013/2014 season has officially begun today with my first performance in the theater as Borsa in Rigoletto on 26th October.

To celebrate, I have posted the latest article in my blog entitled Organising a Recital.

4 August 2013

I'm about to fly to Melbourne for a holiday of sorts and will be performing in at least a concert a week while I'm there, classical or otherwise.

The biggest news is that I am in the finals of the Royal Melbourne Philharmonic Aria on 11th August at Federation Square, which is the biggest oratorio competition in Australia. On the 18th August, I will be singing approximately 10 minutes as a guest soloist at Mass @ St Michaels Church. Free entry!

Finally, I have a 70 minute solo recital, Busietta & Farid, at St Martin's Hawksburn Church in South Yarra. It is entitled Winter Words - A celebration of Verdi, Wagner and Britten. The first half is a mixed bag of songs and arias in Italian, French and German, whiile the second half is dedicated to the three composers, with a performance of Britten's Winter Words song cycle, an aria from The Flying Dutchman and the Duke's arias from Rigoletto. I will be accompanied by the incomparable Amir Farid on piano.

It will be a big month and I look forward to see you all at one or all of these concerts! Details available on the performances page.

3 July 2013

Hair has been receiving rave reviews in practically every newspaper that has come to visit us. Here is one of them from the Donau Kurier (Google Translated Version).

In other news, for those who are thinking of coming to Hair to see me, I will not be performing shows on the Tuesday 16th and Thursday 18th of July. Manuel Dengler will be playing WOOF in these shows.

More news coming soon!

23rd June 2013

Less than one week to go until the premiere of the open air production of Hair at the Freilichtbühne am Roten Tor, Augsburg.

Rehearsals have been going very well, the cast and chorus are amazing and it is a production that must not be missed!

After this, I will be flying to Australia for a "holiday" that nonetheless includes several concerts - including a vocal recital accompanied by Amir Farid on 1st September. I will be singing some arias from Don Giovanni and Rigoletto as well as other arias, lieder and art song. Being Wagner, Verdi and Britten anniversaries this year, all these composers will feature heavily. I'm looking forward to it!

14th March 2013

News flash: I am jumping-in tomorrow night (Friday 15th March @ 7:30pm) at Opera Frankfurt as Tapioca in L'étoile!

21 February, 2013 - Extra concerts announced

I have been scheduled to perform Johann Sebastian Bach's Cantata O Ewigkeit, Du Donnerwort BWV 60 with the Augsburg Philharmonic. This will be take place in their 6th Symphony Concert entitled Blicke Hinaus (Looking outwards) alongside Berg's Violin Concerto and Schubert's 9th Symphony in C Major (called Symphony Number 8 in German!). I'm very much looking forward to this concert - not only the chance to sing Bach again for the first time in four years, but also to actually hear the other two pieces.

On Easter Sunday, as well as La Traviata, I will be singing in Mozart's Coronation Mass at St Ulrich and Afra church in Augsburg with choir and orchestra.

As always, details can be found on the performances page.

30 January, 2013 - New Roles, New Shows, New Year!

Happy new year everybody!

It's been a very quiet start, with Don Giovanni wrapping up for this season.

The 13th Annual Augsburger Opera Ball, the 70's themed Wunder gibt es immer wieder, took place last weekend and was a huge success as usual. I was involved in the main stage show playing a variety of different characters including Benny Andersson from ABBA, Saturday Night Fever, Riff Raff in Time Warp (Rocky Horror Picture Show), Woof's Song in Hair & Victor Willis from the Village People.

Saturday Night Fever ABBA> Hair

In other news, I have been confirmed to be playing the role of quiet, nature-loving Woof in Theater Augsburg's open-air stage production of Hair on 29th June, 2013. I have also been cast as Florian Döblinger in Korngold's first opera, the one act Der Ring des Polykrates. This will be playing alongside his second opera Violanta and will open on the 31st May.

There are also new performances of La Traviata scheduled at Theater Augsburg on Friday 22/03/2013 and Sunday 31/03/2013 respectively.

Rehearsals for Elektra start tomorrow!
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