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Sunday 9th November, 2003

Lots of news all of a sudden! I have my end of year recital tomorrow at 10:00am at the Melba Con. In recent news, I will doing a cabaret show of Cole Porter songs in four weeks - no idea what I'll be singing but I'm looking forward to doing something that will be a little different from my usual repetoire. Other concerts include a charity concert for the National Council of Jewish Women (details will appear on this site soon) and a tapdancing concert (watch out!).

Sunday 21st September, 2003

Very late news here, Ozemail's FTP server was playing up and I couldn't get my website up. I didn't get into the finals, but it was an amazing experience for me to share the stage with so many great young singers. Next up is my recital... and its free! So please, please, please with sugar on top come along to this - it will be a lot of fun!

Thursday 18th September, 2003

SURPRISE NEWS FLASH: I've made the semi-finals of the Herald-Sun Aria. Anyone who wishes to come to Ballarat, it starts at 7:30pm. Details are on the gig guide.

Wednesday 17th September, 2003

Sunday's concert had a bigger turnout than expected - over 400 people turned up, which was a bit of a shock to the system. But I performed pretty well, so all the better. Heats for Sun Aria will be finished tonight so fingers crossed for a good result. I am working on my other arias like a madman!

Saturday 23rd August, 2003

Good news! Last night I won the Waverley Eisteddfod in the Under 30's Musical Theatre Section singing "Heaven on their Minds" from Jesus Christ Superstar. Quite unexpected but I'm not complaining :). I will now be taking part in the Waverley Eisteddfodd Showcase concert on Sunday 14th September; all are welcome to come along and see me sing Judas one more time (and its free!).

Sunday 17th August, 2003

Superstar is over! What a great show from the brilliant Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber (yes I know a lot of you are gagging right about now, but I think he's terrific). A lot of photos are on the way, so stay tuned to this website in the next couple of days!

Wednesday 13th August, 2003

I am in the middle of Jesus Christ Superstar at the moment, which has turned out to be a fantastic show... tickets still available for this week! A number of performances coming up for me, some public and quite a few private ones as well. The notable one is the free performance of "Serenade to Music" by Ralph Vaughan-Williams (written for sixteen soloists) which I will be performing with vocal staff and students of the Melba Conservatorium of Music.

Also, competitions including the Sun Aria are on their way. Check the gig guide for details.

Tuesday 15th July, 2003

Webpage updated! The photo page is now in the titlebar. Not much else happening apart from Jesus Christ Superstar rehearsals running full steam ahead. Nerves are running high... tickets are selling like hotcakes. Until next post...

Thursday 19th June, 2003

Rehearsals for JC Superstar are moving along and tickets are now on sale (see gig guide). Not much else happening at the moment as I am concentrating on the show as well as additional music as part of my course. I will be continuing to record Myopia's EP and when I feel I have a spare moment I will work on finding a solo gig or two for my own material. Until then!

Wednesday 9th April, 2003

News!! I have just landed the role of Judas in "Jesus Christ Superstar" and will be performing the show with Flashpoint Theatre. Also, Trial By Jury and HMS Pinafore are coming up (starting 7th May) and it is sounding excellent (especially Trial by Jury). Have no idea how it looks as I am on stage most of the time ;).

There will also be some concerts coming up, though chances are there will be no details until very close to the event. Until next post!

Monday 24th February, 2003

Harrison Street Quartet are pushing ahead with promotional stuff, so although it may seem quiet it may get quite busy very quickly. Lots of new songs are on their way. Also, coming up in April I have a performance with the Gary Bradley's "occasional choir" singing his Easter Cantata. His Christmas cantata, "Joy to the World", was an inspiring piece of work and I strongly recommend coming along to this one too.

Trial By Jury dates are now up also. I am playing the Defendant in this show and I'll be doing chorus for HMS Pinafore as well. I will also be performing some of my original material and some musical theatre work at a charity fundraising concert - details on their way very soon.

Saturday 11th January, 2003

I am happy to announce that I have accepted a scholarship to Melba Conservatorium this year to study voice. I am looking forward to a productive year of learning, not to say that I will be performing any less than I am now. More solo gigs will be announced as soon as I get my act together, but the Harrison Street Quartet is going at full throttle right now. Until next time...
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