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Tuesday 31st December, 2002

The Harrison St Quartet have got a huge gig coming up: A CD Launch at the Planet Cafe. We'll be debuting a couple of original songs and a few new and unique arrangements of popular songs.

Photos have been taken for the cover of my "new" album and I will start pressing copies as soon as the artwork is finished. As for up and coming acoustic solo gigs, still not thought of as I am assessing my situation.

Oh and by the way HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope everyone has their new years resolutions down and is looking forward to an enjoyable, productive and positive year next year. Oh, and party on!

Friday 7th December, 2002

The Harrison St Quartet have got a gig next week at the Loft. More details coming along soon when I find them out. Sunday is the 1st Birthday Celebration of my nephew Max Harrison (Happy Birthday Maxy!) and I also have a gig at Balwyn's Trinity Church in the Morning with Gary Bradley's choir singing his cantata "Joy to the World". Details will be on the gig guide.

Monday 2nd December, 2002

My brother Jason and his wife Sandra have just become father to a baby girl, Jessica at 1:10pm today! I am now twice an uncle at 21! Congratulations to him and Sandra and best wishes to Jessica as she takes her first look at the world (I was going to say baby steps, but that comes later)!

Sunday 1st December, 2002

Lots of good news. More gigs coming soon - see the gig guide for details of a choral performance that I am taking part in. I have also landed a role in the next Savoy Opera Company show. My CD is still in the pipeline and will be available by the end of this year if all goes to plan.

Sunday 17th November, 2002

Christmas Dinner Gig went off. Everyone in the band had a blast and played really well and the audience just went off. Photos of this will be coming soon (digital camera!), so you can see us in all our Hawaiian glory ;).

No more gigs planned until either late December or next year as I have a heap of auditions coming up now and way more on my plate than I can chew. Until then, nothing will be happening with the CD - except that I have a few concepts for cover art that I might take photos of. Until then, stay tuned for photos!!!

Monday 28th October, 2002

Friday night was interesting... I'm glad nobody I invited actually turned up to hear me debut my songs. Needed a couple of hours more practice ;).

Yesterday's performance, however, went really well. There was quite a large audience and although I only sang one song to begin with, I got an encore (naturally it was Bring Him Home from Les Miserables). Luckily I had brought my folder with me. I must say, the students were a lot better prepared for this concert and some of the performances were quite good.

Only one performance coming up, and that is the Christmas Dinner. Its going to be a fantastic night with great food and a great live band (and not just because I'm in it). Line-up is Bass Guitar, 2 Guitars, Keyboards, occasional saxaphone, drums and six vocalists (2 female and 4 male). We will be playing repetoire mainly from the 60's and 70's but also a few 80's hits. Some of the groups covered: Beatles, ABBA, B-52s, Eric Clapton, Van Morrison, Beach Boys & The Rocky Horror Picture Show (given that away haven't I).

After this, I will be taking a break from performing as I have way too many auditions coming up that require my attention, but be prepared for me to re-debut my original material in December :).

Wednesday 23rd October, 2002

I will not be singing chorus for the mystery Opera as nobody ever sent me the sheet music or indeed any further information about the show.

On Friday I will be performing at Counterpoint, an open stage night at Kingston Arts Centre in Moorabbin where I will be debuting two new songs that I have never played live before, both from the upcoming album that I plan to release by the end of this year. See the gig guide for more details.

The Hummingbirds have renamed themselves to The Harrison Street Quartet. Stay tuned as I will be helping design a website for our a capella extravaganza, be prepared for big things!

Sunday 13th October, 2002

Been very busy and not been inclined to update this page in a while. Princess Ida's finished and it was a blast! Congratulations to everyone who was involved in it. I'm looking for more shows to do and I'm hopefully going to audition for Babirra's Les Miserables - that is if they actually get back to me!

There are a handful of gigs coming up, one is a private gig with the a capella group, another is with the cover band at a Savoy Opera Company fund-raiser (we are sounding very good), my teacher's student concert and a gig singing chorus for a brand new opera (haven't heard the music yet, but I'm on in two weeks!).

So lots happening and a few more shows appearing in the gig guide before performances dry up and I have to start looking for more things to do.

Wednesday 18th September, 2002

I've been very lazy these last two weeks (busy actually), but now a few tracks are available for streaming from MP3.COM and MP3.COM.AU. Take a look at the CDs page for details.

Wednesday 4th September, 2002

Have just pulled out of the Moordialloc Eisteddfod having just lost my voice. If my voice makes an amazing recovery I might still perform tomorrow, but from experience the chances of this happening are very slim. Maybe I'll never perform that Tchaikovsky aria (sigh!).

Good news however: My album has just been completed, mixed and burnt to CD. All that I need to do is to create some sort of artwork - that is if I can be bothered.

Saturday 10th August, 2002

Came third in the U/21 section, which is still a good result and I thought I sang as well as I am able to.

Some more concert plans: Another one at the Beithwessen Centre on Sunday 27th October and a hazy one in December organised by Rebecca Tomilson who is president of the Monash Student Association. More details when they emerge from the haze, but I've got some fun ideas for this one.

Check out the photos as there are some new ones up. Also on the Myopia webpage there are some updates and photos.

Finally, some shocking news, my CD may actually be finished on Monday. I have booked the studio time, so its going to take some divine intervention to prevent this from being completed. The Myopia EP may almost be finished in that same session. Wow eh? I'm excited. Hummingbirds CD also to be recorded Sunday week!

Wednesday 7th August, 2002

I won the 25 and Under Section at Manningham with "Bring Him Home"! My first ever competition victory. Maybe I'll get two victories now eh :). If anyone's interested, I'm singing "Take a pair of sparkling eyes" at Manningham again this Thursday (check gig guide for details).

Thursday 1st August, 2002

Moordialloc Eisteddfod papers came in today. I'm in four sections, which means I will be performing two songs on Wednesday 4th September and two on Thursday 5th September. It costs $3.50 per section to come and watch unless you are competing.

More details in the gig guide.

Monday 29th July, 2002

Good news and bad news.

Good news: I came second in the Kingston Vocal Master Challenge (Original Song) for Silence. Pretty good considering I felt underprepared and was not happy with my song selection. The Hummingbirds gig went really well on Friday and we're going into the studio soon to record an E.P. (under a different band name unfortunately). So looking forward to that.

Bad News: Manningham have just cancelled two sections of the competition that I happened to have entered (god knows what else they've cancelled). So I won't be appearing in the Lieder or Aria sections. However, I will still be singing "Bring Him Home" on Tuesday 6th August and "Take a Pair of Sparkling Eyes" on Thursday 8th August.

Hopefully. Mordialloc will turn out better.

Tuesday 16th July, 2002

Lots of news as I haven't updated this for some time (this tends to happen too often.. sigh!). Manningham papers are in and the competition will be on in about 3 weeks. Four sections - Check the gig guide for details.

Next Thursday, I'll be debuting my song Silence (over 2 years since it was written!) at the Kingston Vocal Challenge competition in the original song section. Not expecting to win as its not particularly polished, but its a start I guess.

Next Friday I have a gig with the Hummingbirds at the Victorian Folk Club - no entry fee yet but check again tomorrow night.

Princess Ida is going really well! Hopefully I'll get some time to work on my CD too :). 'Till next post!

Friday 31st May, 2002

Bad news: As we have not found a Sally Brown, dates for Snoopy!!! have been pushed back to January of next year. I am currently looking for a second show to do. The good news is that there are a couple of interesting looking shows coming up from local companies, so at least I'll have something to audition for.

I've begun work on my eisteddfod pieces. I think I have a much stronger set of songs this time, so hopefully I'll be a bit more successful (maybe win one or two categories!).

Friday 24th May, 2002

Guess what? This Sunday, the Beithwessen Community Center Concert is going to be broadcast on Channel 31 at 11:30am. I'm on at the end of the show. The concert features a bunch of different types of performers - musicians and poets, and although most of the talking is in Russian it was an enjoyable night. So take a listen (I sang pretty well too).

Wednesday 15th May, 2002

Just a note that my solo gig had the wrong location down (hey my music teacher didn't tell me). Its at the Beithwessen Community Centre (306 Hawthorn Road, Caufield) at 8:00pm. Cost of entry is $6.

Monday 6th May, 2002

Well.. good news. Snoopy IS going ahead and I'll have a rehearsal and performance schedule tomorrow and I've just landed the role of "Cyril" in Princess Ida, which is a comic role. I may be doing a concert next week and eisteddfod will be arriving next month.

Oh, and my cover band (formerly called "The Rollicking Band Of Pirates" and featuring Ramsay Dixon from Rodney) are playing a short set for the Savoy Trivia Night. Details on the Gig Guide.

Thursday 25th April, 2002

I found out last night the sad news that lead vocalist of Alice In Chains, Layne Staley, passed away only a few days ago. He was a unique singer with incredible emotion and was almost single-handedly responsible for my interest in music and singing. Thank-you for all the continued inspiration you have given me, I would not be doing what I am without you. Rest in peace.

Monday 8th April, 2002

Just spoke to Gerry Nagtzaam, who will be directing Snoopy - The Musical. Apparently its looking like it will happen and if all goes well I'll be playing Charlie Brown! I'm crossing my fingers.

Hummingbirds gigs left right and center, though no definate door prices yet (as per usual).

Gondoliers concert went really well given how much could have gone wrong. Congratulations to all involved, it was a fun ending to a fantastic show.

I'm up to my neck with music to learn for exams, auditions, eisteddfods, theatre, opera, a capella. But I'm loving it and its a good sign that you're going to hear a lot from me very, very soon ('till you're all sick of hearing my voice!). Until next post...

Monday 1st April, 2002

Newsflash: Hummingbirds have a gig this Saturday and on Friday 26th! Check the gig guide for details. Gondoliers concert on Sunday. Cya soon!

Monday 25th March, 2002

Gondoliers is over :(. It went really well. The quality of the singing and acting, crew, the costumes, the sets.. everything just came together. There are some lovely photos available, though no performance shots as of yet. Good news, there's going to be a Gondoliers concert (so I can sing the part one more time), unfortunately missing a few of the lead characters, but still I'm looking forward to it. Revolver gig tomorrow!

Thursday 14th March, 2002

Opening night for "The Gondoliers" tonight! I'm really nervous, but at the same time I'm sure its going to go great. I'm now officially in the Viva Voce choir and studying ensemble studies so performances with that choir will be listed. I should be doing the Eisteddfod circuit as soon as I have time to figure out what I'm doing.

I'm probably going to audition for Princess Ida when I find out the details and I'll be doing another show concurrently if the rehearsal timetable fits.

Also in the pipeline, The Hummingbirds have a gig at revolver on the 26th, which is the A Capella group that I am a member of. That's going to be broadcast live on the net as we play! So if you want to take a listen to some fantastic A Capella, tune in at 9:30pm on the Tuesday at and be blown away. Or if you're in the area, turn up to Revolver because it will sound and look a heck of a lot better there.

Solo album still not finished, I've had no time to go and record drums. Ditto for Myopia stuff. Wow, a lot of news. More to come I promise.

Monday 18th February, 2002

Spending endless hours recording Myopia stuff. Not finished: Still some backing vocals, drums and some of Nick's lead guitar to do. More on the to-do list I suppose. Tibetan New Year next week! I'm also going to be playing drums for Finkle! Photos will be up as soon as they're available.

Now I have to go to rehearsal. Bye!

Wednesday 23rd January, 2002

Healesville gig information (that's the acapella group) is now up and Gondoliers is going great. No solo gigs, no scheduled recording dates (though I'm hoping next week.. just like I was hoping this week). Until next time!

Thursday 17th January, 2002

First post of the year. A lot happening musically. Regarding the imminent album, thirteen of fifteen songs are completed (with only two songs cut from the album) and the last two require the drum tracks redone because they are pretty loose. But all is coming together and its sounding quite nice.

Secondly, Myopia has begun recording on five songs which will hopefully be finished in the next couple of weeks.

Thirdly, I have spent the last couple of weeks rehearsing with a new original a capella/harmony group. As of yet we're unnamed but we have quite a few songs down and are rearing to go, with our first tentative gig at a Tibetan New Year celebration in Healesville. Solo gigs haven't been thought of at this stage, but more details to arrive soon.
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