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Saturday 19th December, 2009

I just finished playing in the Weihnachten in aller Welt(Christmas throughout the world) concert. Amongst Australian favourites, O Holy Night and Once in Royal David's city, I performed the iconic song "War is Over (Merry Xmas)" by Ex-Beatle John Lennon and his wife Yoko Ono. I was reminded by the words of what christmas is like throughout the world. The world is full of poverty, hunger, war and violence and christmas is no exception. It is a reminder that the way to make a difference is in ourselves and what we can do to help make the world a better place. We can all change the world even by smallest actions - even us singers can make people smile and spread messages of hope and love.

Merry Christmas everyone and I hope its a good one!

Monday 7th December, 2009

I am doing a concert this Saturday at the Wartburg singing some Christmas songs and an ensemble. Several singers from the theatre are performing solo, including the Jugendclub. Should be a bit of fun.

Tuesday 3rd November, 2009

List of theatre performances updated until December 31, 2009, including the Christmas Concert on 19 December which will include fellow Australian soprano, Sharon Kempton. There is at least one more concert coming along until the end of the year, which I will add when the details become firm.

Thursday 17th September, 2009

Chris makes his European debut tonight in Il Trovatore.

Sunday 6th September, 2009

First official performance as part of the Theaterfest to open the 2009 Autumn season at the Hessiches Staatstheater Wiesbaden. I sang in the foyer in a concert with fellow Australian Brett Carter. The audience was enthuasiastic and I had a lot of fun so I think it is a very positive start to my career here. To see what I sang, click here.

Thursday 18th June, 2009

First performance in Wiesbaden. Check out the gig guide.

Monday 15th June, 2009

Well, its been too busy to update the website, but there has been a situation that has kicked me into gear: Yahoo Geocities is closing down its free webhosting service. So I have now set up to take over, which is a much better site as I no longer have advertisements taking up a third of my space.

I am now in Wiesbaden taking up my contract with the Hessiches Staatstheater and I have a list of roles that I am most likely performing in the future.

There are also a few concerts in the pipeline, so watch this space...

Thursday 19th February, 2009

Happy new year everyone (even though its the middle of February)!

Things have been busy since winning the grant and I have been focussing on learning roles, German training and getting ready to leave. However, there is a little recording project I'm working on for my old band Myopia and there is a tiny chance we will play a few gigs before I leave for Germany.

Apart from this I am singing chorus for Victorian Opera and Opera Australia. I will also be joining the newly formed Melbourne Capella for at least two concerts. Details of all the upcoming performances will appear on the gig guide, the first of which being Victorian Opera's gala concert of Carmina Burana/Bluebeard's Castle this Saturday.

The other big event is that I will be performing at is Together for Melbourne to "honour the victims of Victoria's bushfires and to recognise the courage and efforts of emergency service workers". It is a free event, so I urge everyone to be there and if there are people taking collections I also urge you all to dig deep.

Until next post...
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