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Monday 23th December, 2001

A long time between posts. Rehearsals are going pretty well. I've done a fair amount of singing having taken place in a concert last Saturday and singing Christmas Carols on Wednesday. Merry Christmas everyone and hopefully I'll have something before the New Year!

Some big updates to the website coming soon.

Saturday 27th October, 2001

Its taken me a while to make a post, but I've just found myself with the part of "Luiz" in The Savoy Opera Company's production "The Gondoliers"! Its a really good part with some really nice songs, looking forward to performing it. I'll also be making an appearance at a fund-raiser of theirs with "The Rollicking Band of Pirates" (yes, a reference to Pirates of Penzance). See the Savoy Opera Company Website for details.

My last exam is on Tuesday, so stay tuned for news on my debut solo performance (a long time in the coming!). CD will hopefully be finished by then.

Monday 27th August, 2001

Pirates has been and gone! It was a fantastic show with a really talented cast. Take a look at the Savoy Opera Company webpage for some photos and details!

I'm hoping to debut my original material (finally!) in the next couple of weeks and I will be auditioning for a principal part in the next Savoy show, the Gondoliers. Wish me luck as I'll be up against some incredibly stiff competition. Keep checking the page for updates in the next couple of days!

Wednesday 16th August, 2001

Pirates! Pirates! Pirates! The show starts next Thursday and we rehearsed for the first time with the orchestra. It was great fun and the music sounded fantastic. If you like G&S and want to see a very well performed production, then come along. Details are available from the Savoy Opera Company Homepage or you can click here to take a look at the flyer.

In other news, some photos from the Savoy Soiree are have finally been scanned. Click here to see them.

Wow! Action shots huh? There will be more on the way! Stay Tuned...

Friday 11th August, 2001

Well.. not going well! I managed to get the flu and didn't recover so I couldn't hit my high notes :(. I don't think it would've mattered because the two winners were phenomenal! Well.. practice makes perfect I suppose! Pirates coming up.. more later!

Wednesday 9th August, 2001

Did the Manningham Eisteddfod on Monday and got 2nd prize in the Open Popular Section!! Tonight I'm doing "Close Every Door", hopefully this one will be the winner. Wish me luck!

In other results, I got an A for my Grade 2 Exam!

Friday 13th July, 2001

Updated the webpage again. At this stage, its finished! All the "Under Construction" stuff is gone and a little introduction has been done. I was originally intending to use this site to pitch my original music alone, but I realised that it is probably a good idea to promote myself as a performing artist.

Hence, don't be surprised to find bizarre combinations of my musical performances being listed here - from heavy metal gigs to opera recitals.

Thursday 12th July, 2001

Oh! Forgot to mention. I received my papers from the Manningham Youth Eisteddfod and I will be performing two songs, Kumbaya in the folk section and This is the Moment from the musical Jekyll and Hyde in the popular section, on Monday 6th August.

I will also be performing Close Every Door from Joseph and his Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat in the Light Opera section of the Eisteddfod on Wednesday 8th August. See the Gig Guide for the address and times.

Monday 9th July, 2001

Decided to update the website, finally! I'm playing a fund-raiser for the Savoy Opera Company with a cover band formed for the night, I have a singing examination in two weeks and a singing competition in August.

I'm planning to play at an open microphone night at the Modern Art Cafe in Hotham Street in three weeks (28th July) in order to kickstart my solo set, so anyone who happens to live in the area and has heard my music through can come along and hear my songs being played live for the first time.

The Savoy Soiree details can be found at
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