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Sunday 12th December, 2004

Just finished my final recital for the year and have no public performances forseeable in the near future. I'm busy updating the website - there will be a new photo and new resume soon. Otherwise, the gig guide is being slowly rebuilt to put in the gigs that have now passed unadvertised. Catch you all on the flipside of 2004! Happy new year if I don't post until then!

Tuesday 30th November, 2004

Its been a long time between posts as I was having problems with the web hosting service I was using but finally I have got the website back up. One more recital for the year - that's with the music lovers society. I highly recommend this one as I will be performing a 45 minute recital and joining me will be Chris Van Tuinen, who was Musical Director of the recent performance of Les Miserables I was involved in.

More news updates to follow as to fill in the gaps - the website has been down for at least 7 months after all...

Thursday 15th April, 2004

Despite a severe bout of nerves throughout my performance, St John's Passion went down like a charm. In fact, there is an article with a slightly embarrasing headline containing a very positive review of my performance here. I must thank the fabulous choir, soloists, orchestra and particularly the conductor Douglas Lawrence for doing such a good job with this very difficult work.

Eisteddfod work coming up for me, so I will not be giving any recitals or performances in the near future other than this stuff. Eisteddfod details will be up soon!!

Sunday 28th March, 2004

I have been offered two professional gigs! I will be performing chorus in Opera Australia's Melbourne production of Wagner's Der Fliegende Holländer (The Flying Dutchman) in late April and will be performing the tenor solos in J.S. Bach's St John's Passion on Good Friday.

In other news, The Busietta Brothers, which is a project I have started with my brother Nick, gave our first performance on Friday at Border's Open Microphone night at Chadstone Shopping Centre. Future performances will be advertised on this website so stay tuned!

Sunday 4th January, 2004

Happy New Year everybody! Its been the end of a whirlwind year for me and now I have no scheduled performances at this stage. But I have been licking my wounds and starting up several projects - possibly starting my solo career and have also been re-arranging and writing some new songs for a seperate flamenco/classical project with my brother Nick, who is an accomplished classical guitarist and former band member of Myopia. So expect some gigs in the very near future.
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