Christopher Busietta
Tenor and Music Teacher

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Christopher Busietta. Photo by Chris Clinnick Photography, 2010.
Photo by Chris Clinnick Photography, 2010.
About this blog...

I started writing this as a 31-year old operatic tenor, born in Australia and currently working full-time in German theatres. Although I am an opera singer by profession, my musical and acting career has been varied to say the least.

I have been a full-time professional opera tenor in German theaters since 2009. Before that I spent two years touring playing children’s productions of operas in Victoria, Australia as well as playing leading roles with the smaller professional opera companies in Melbourne, Australia. I also sang in the extra choruses of Victorian Opera and the Australian Opera.

Since 2004, I have sung as a professional soloist at masses and oratorio in churches and concert venues.

My classical career aside, I have played in musical theatre productions, from operetta to rock as well as acting in spoken theatre. I have also played guitar, bass guitar and drums in five different rock bands and have written and recorded my own music at home.

Composition and guitar playing are hobbies that take up the rest of my spare time to this day and I still get out and perform my music as Blue Macaw when I have an opening in my schedule – which is not very often.

I have sung at weddings, corporate events, nursing homes, hospitals and even busked in the street.

All in the last fourteen years.

So what AM I going to write about? The main focus will be reflections on opera. How does one become an opera singer? What is the process of learning to sing, learning roles, promoting yourself, improving yourself? What can you expect when you find yourself in the thick of it?

And why? Well, despite that I am not a famous tenor, ultimately, I feel that I have significant experience and something to offer that I feel people might be interested in reading about. And if not, well, at the very least I am providing myself some reflection.

I hope you enjoy reading it!

Christopher Busietta

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